Mail-in-a-box required OS

I wanna know is Ubuntu a must to run Mail-in-a-box or i can run it on top of any distro? I am planing to use it to host my email server and i want it to be on top of debian if possible. There is one recommendation to avoid potentialy being blacklisted: use email alisases in place of your real emails to avoid blacklist or spam. If someone gets your email alias to use for spam just kill it and that’s it. Back to the point: can i run email-in-a-box on top of debian or it has to be ubuntu?

The only supported way to use Mail-in-a-Box is the way that all the documentation says.

It should work on other ubuntu derivatives and debian since debian is base for ubuntu so what usualy works there most of the time works on debian. Honesly you didn’t tell me much from technical perspective.

I think Josh and the community has answered this a few times over the years if you search the forum.

This project is open source. If you want technical answers, you are welcome to look at the internals. If you ask a hypothetical question that is out of scope for this project, no one here owes you their time to conduct research.

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