Can I install mail-in-a-box in Debian?

I have a VPS with Debian 8. I’ve configured everything before I realize that mail-in-a-box’s install command works only in Ubuntu. Please can you tell me how to install it in Debian?

Thanks in advance.


i mean, what if I just remove the verification which checks if the script is running under Ubuntu 14.04 in the file?

You might like to see the previous thread on this topic:

Probably it will work on Debian, but it would be unsupported and you probably will not find much further input here since the goal is to have a software that is very automated to install / maintain.

Mail-in-a-Box is made for working on an clean Ubuntu 14.04 LTS image.
Everything different is unsupported, and may not work as expected :grin:

If you still want to do this (and Ubuntu is no option for you) you need to modify the installation script.

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