Ubuntu 14.04 Requirement

Just curious if @joshdata could chime in about the requirements for Ubuntu. Specifically,

Why Ubuntu 14.04?

Why a fresh install?

Could this work on Debian (hypothetically, at least. I don’t expect you to try this out on all sorts of systems)?


Since the main goal is to create an automated installation process, there needs to be some consistent base requirements for what it can be installed on. I can’t test on everything, I can’t account for all possible system configurations (i.e. non-fresh installs), and I don’t want to spent time investigating dozens of possible platforms. So I picked one with long-term support that I believed would do the job.


Yeah, that makes sense. I figured it was for that reason, but was curious if there were actual technical reasons that it had to be a fresh install, Ubuntu, etc. Thanks for the reply.

And awesome stuff, can’t wait to install it myself!

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Maybe I should try Email in a Box first before commenting…

In theory you could try Debian’s upcoming Jesse/testing release because Ubuntu’s system is largely based on it.

Personally I would like to see Mail in a Box packaged for Debian and Ubuntu as it would help make it more popular. However I should note, potentially it could be very problematic if people try it on an already running system and it might be better to host the packages in Launchpad and/or other repository.

I’ve considered trying it on Debian (specifically Raspbian, although I know that’s even more of a stretch) but in the past when I’ve tried to run Ubuntu-dependent software on Debian, I could never get it to work. If I get a chance to try it, though, I’ll post back with the results.