Upgrade 0.40 to 0.41 - Nextcloud is not installed


Hi, was on the 0.40, decided to follow instructions to get to 0.41.

The system seems to be working, even after reboot, but I’m not sure of the repercussions of the following error. Any ideas? Output:

Mail-in-a-Box Version:  v0.41

Updating system packages...
Installing system packages...
Initializing system random number generator...
Firewall is active and enabled on system startup
Installing nsd (DNS server)...
Installing Postfix (SMTP server)...
Installing Dovecot (IMAP server)...
Installing OpenDKIM/OpenDMARC...
Installing SpamAssassin...
expired old bayes database entries in 6 seconds
140810 entries kept, 162260 deleted
token frequency: 1-occurrence tokens: 70.42%
token frequency: less than 8 occurrences: 16.27%
Installing Nginx (web server)...
Installing Roundcube (webmail)...
Installing Nextcloud (contacts/calendar)...
Upgrading Nextcloud --- backing up existing installation, configuration, and database to directory to /home/user-data/owncloud-backup/2019-03-28-11:37:48...

Upgrading to Nextcloud version 14.0.6

Nextcloud is not installed - only a limited number of commands are available

  Command "upgrade" is not defined.


I’m actually stuck in this part. FYI of admin


I wonder if this is because I have never set up the Nextcloud.

I just clicked on the link (from within the /admin web page)

And I am being prompted to set the admin account for the first time.

So perhaps this is not an error, it’s just that i’ve never used the contacts/calendar functionality of miab before.

I would appreciate you to see that this is also the case with your installation.

I would also ask the MIAB team if, by electing to not set up Nextcloud, this choice could break any future functionality or upgrade scripts?


This seems like a rather unique problem. As far as I am concerned, there is no “opting in” or “opting out” of Nextcloud, since it’s part of the Mail-in-a-box “package”. Of course, you can modify the source code of MIAB, so Nextcloud is not installed in the first place, or uninstall Nextcloud after-the-fact, but that does not sound like that is what you are doing here.

This looks like Mail-in-a-Box is having an error upgrading or installing Nextcloud. One does not simply “opt” for Nextcloud, as far as I am concerned.


Actually … NextCloud is installed but by default but its complete functionality is not unlocked. There is an ‘unsupported’ (but documented) function to ‘unlock’ the admin account for NextCloud … but it is well, unsupported. :stuck_out_tongue: