Sending email from admin account as different sender address

Hello I use my mail in a box mainly for my website email server well I started experimenting with accepting incoming emails to reply to posts well mail in a box seems to not like it and rejects the sending of those emails it just says

“Sender address rejected not owned by”

I’ve tried to make the email account admin to see if that fixed that but it didn’t work

You need to set the sending account as a permitted sender on the aliases page.

It’s kind of hard to do that when it uses a completely randomized reply key as the sender address

If you want a solution to a problem you need to fully explain the problem. What exactly is this ‘randomized reply key’ that you speak of?

It uses random numbers and letters as the sender address to be used as the reply key

you just need to edit your web script to use a, and all your emails will reach, and you can use as the reply-to or from address

I don’t know how I would do that but it’s currently at

if you use replies+%{reply_key}@domain, you need to login your smtp with

I have it set up correctly I think

so… still having issues?


where is this settings ? It’s a default from the web script? tried adding as an alias and add it as a permit sender?

im trying to setup discourse to be able to use email for replies i dont know if telling u this helps

add notifications@domain.

I did and that still does not work but thats a system email

Never used discourse, but the concept here is pretty simple and you need to work on it from your end.

For example, we have stated you need to have the sender in permit list. Solutions provided above are all trying to help you towards this direction.

In your current latest update, it’s likely that your replies+string emails are being sent by your notification@email account (system email), which means it has to be altered to notification+string instead of replies+string since you cannot send reply+string emails from notification as it’s not a permitted sender.

Your reply@email account, is likely used to retrieve emails though i’m not sure what function it does, and most probably not used to send emails.

That is going to be pretty hard
Permitting every email address that can be created with those random numbers and letters
That are possible in the list
Is there a way to allow sending emails from non-owned emails on the server

no, what i meant is, you need to try changing reply+string, to notification+string

did not work

notification vs notifications . you missing an S