Scanning log empty after upgrade?

After upgrading to 18.04 I notice that my weekly usage report is empty, except for the “Scanning logs from 2019-03-18 03:00:01 to 2019-03-25 03:00:01” line

So far I cannot find where and how this scan process is started. Any idea where I start to look to fix this?

Scratch that. I found that this is done by, run from

I tried this command from the command line and got a filled weekly usage report.

No idea what went wrong, but it righted itself again :slight_smile:

Hi, I’m having the same issue, but there is no self-healing at my place :frowning:

When I am calling -t week manually as otherwise done by the scheduler the script runs into errors with the date format:

`ValueError: time data ‘Apr 003 19:32:02’ does not match format ‘%b %d %H:%M:%S’


ValueError: time data ‘Apr 7 18:266:01’ does not match format ‘%b %d %H:%M:%S’

Any idea where that origins from?

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Same issue, on 2 different boxes.
ValueError: time data ‘Jun 227 03:11:34’ does not match format ‘%b %d %H:%M:%S’

Why these dates are logged in a wrong way?

Actually there is no “Jun 227” in the logs… I’ll open an issue on github

i´ve the same problem. sometimes i get weekly reports, but most of the time, they are empty.
maybe this is a locale problem? i have german keyboard, time-config etc…

That is the first thing that comes to mind for me wrt the date format issue.

But please clarify something for me… are you migrating to a new VPS / upgrading from Ubuntu 14 to Ubuntu 18? If so, as it is a new OS install there won’t be any logs. No logs equals reports. This would be in regards to the usage report issue.

It seems that people are commenting on two completely different issues in this thread … a date format issue and a weekly usage report issue.

sorry, not migrating - found this post via forum search. fresh ubuntu 18.04 lts install. it´s running for about 2 month now. last week i got a report. today it was empty. sometimes it does work, if i manually run the daily_tasks command via shell.
havent´t really checked the logs…

Honestly, I find the ‘report’ to be lacking and wholly incomplete. I have installed pflogsumm on my MiaB servers instead.

Back to my 2-year-old initial post. Since two weeks I have the same happening again: an empty weekly usage report.

And again it seems to be solved to run the

management/ -t week | management/ “Mail-in-a-Box Usage Report”

command once by hand.

I still have no idea how that is different from being run by

Also see discussion here:
Empty Usage Report

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It’s easy enough to install pflogsumm apt install pflogsumm but how do you make it email on a regular basis?

You’ll need to configure it to do so in the config file.