Empty Usage Report

Since upgrading to 0.51 (or about the same time), I’ve been receiving empty usage reports, this weekly usage report email contains only:

Scanning logs from 2021-01-04 03:01:01 to 2021-01-11 03:01:01
2 Log lines scanned, 0 lines parsed in 0.16 seconds

It’s not a serious problem (and doesn’t seem to effect anything else) but is anyone else seeing the same thing?


Hi there,

yes - this is a know issue to the devs. You can see it here: https://github.com/mail-in-a-box/mailinabox/issues/1894

According to the bug report I would expect that the usage report is going to work in the next week again without any changes on your side.

(Besides: Your bug report does not fit 100% the mentioned issue, because the issue only talks about the year change. Thus, I referenced to this thread in the bug report on Github)


Just noticed the same issue, will follow on GH.

Same here not sure if the Github issue is the same thing though.

Scanning logs from 2021-01-04 03:38:01 to 2021-01-11 03:38:01
2 Log lines scanned, 0 lines parsed in 0.12 seconds

Noticed after upgrading to 0.51 which I did early in 2021

Will check back through previous reports to see if I can pin down the change.

Edit: Confirmed that log was truncated when run on 2021-01-04 on MIAB version 0.48

Same again after upgrade to 0.51

Edit 2021-01-19
Noted that the oldest mail log on my server is from 2020 with all the later ones in 2021. Viewing the discussion on GitHub re this topic.

Can confirm this issue:

Scanning logs from 2021-xx-xx xx:xx9:01 to 2021-xx-xx xx:x9:01
2 Log lines scanned, 0 lines parsed in 0.10 seconds

Same here on 3 different VPS, AWS, Linode, and one in Romania.

The log is still empty for me unfortunately. Running v0.51

Scanning logs from 2021-01-25 03:42:01 to 2021-02-01 03:42:01
2 Log lines scanned, 0 lines parsed in 0.11 seconds

Edit: Nevermind guys, only now realized 0.51 isn’t the newest version anymore.

2020-02-01. Logs now output normally on 0.51. I believe this is because the oldest log is now in the current year.

Fix included in future release I understand.

Finally got a normal usage report, first one this year :smiley: Report starts on 2021-02-01, box version 0.52