[Guide] Setting up a free secondary DNS

As some domains need two unique nameservers and MiaB supports secondary DNS Servers, I took a look at some free secondary DNS hoster and wrote a short tutorial how to set them up.

I’ve posted it here on my site: Setting up a free secondary DNS for Mail-in-a-Box

It works quite well for me since about two month. As a matter of fact my site runs very well with the described setup.

Greets Marc


Nice! I will add a link from the Mail-in-a-Box Setup Guide and also from within the control panel.

Maybe it’s more useful to merge it into the main website? If you like that I could adapt my guide to the style of http://mailinabox.email.

Greets Marc

Wow, thats just amazing. Safed me a little bit of time and another post here on the forum. Thanks @m4rcs.

Great idea, I missed that there. Or did I just overlook it?!

Edit: Okay, I praised the tutorial too early. I could not make it. Will try tomorrow again.

Hello! I tried this guide, added one buddyns as a secondary dns server. Delegation is OK, however there is an error:

Could not fetch zone from X.X.X.X. See AXFR setup to fix this. X.X.X.X is my MIAB server, configured as a primary DNS server. I manually updated

allow-transfer {
# allow ALL the following addresses! BuddyNS employs them all.; # a.transfer.buddyns.com; # b.transfer.buddyns.com
# uncomment these for IPv6:
# Ignore this if you did not restrict queries with allow-query: allow queries from BuddyNS hosts
allow-query {;;; 2607:f0d0:1005:72::100; 2a01:4f8:d12:d01::10:100; };

I restarted the named service, but still getting this error.

Any suggestions?

You should not modify the configurations of your box by hand. Check if you added the secondary name server correctly on Admin -> System -> Custom DNS -> Using a Secondary Nameserver.

Thanks @m4rcs, I’m using puck.nether.net as a secondary DNS. No issues so far.

Hi, https://www.geekdns.org/ is another free ns2 provider. If you have problem with your current service, maybe you should try them.

I second Puck, it is recommended in the docs and I have had zero issues with several domains.

I’ve only just come to this thread, but I’d like to give kudos to @m4rcs
Although my registrar doesn’t complain, it’s nice to have the redundancy in DNS in place so I set this up myself.

Like others I’m also using puck as it supports DNSSEC


404 on the link to guide here.

Yes, unfortunately. If you need help with this, please start a new thread. :slight_smile:

I also need the guide :slight_smile: I’m starting that new thread. Please help if you can.

Link not working anymore.
Please help.

I wrote a guide … never linked it here, and now it is outdated again. :frowning:

Maybe I should focus on that … but the problem is that I can write it but not format it so that it looks good and is clear … anyone want to help me?

Maybe create a new topic on github !
So you can use markdown to format your guide.

I had planned to work on it yesterday, but then another project that should have taken a half hour took 4! :frowning:

I’ll try to get something out this week. I did get a volunteer to help me with it from the Slack, so that is good - especially since I don’t know markdown.

I did publish a new guide in May, but never thought to link it in this thread until now. Sorry about that.

The guide can be accessed here:


I don’t receive notification about your response.
I only see it now.
Thank you for this guide.

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https://schiller.im/setting-up-a-free-secondary-dns-for-mail-in-a-box.html seems kinda dead here.

anyway, cloudns.net offers to run a free DNS slave server. be aware that if you make extensive use of their promos but later buy nothing, they kinda shut down all your domains save the one that is free of charge.

Where else can you get “free slaves” after 1853 A.D. :woozy_face: