Follow Up to Munin Cron Error

I am following up on another closed topic but I can’t post there.

find: cannot delete ‘/var/lib/munin/cgi-tmp/munin-cgi-graph/’: Permission denied

I checked /var/lib/munin is owned by munin:munin.

/var/lib/munin is owned by munin:www-data with 775, and its subdirectory munin-cgi-graph is owned by munin:munin with 775.

Do I need to change /var/lib/munin and its subdirectories to munin:www-data?


If it’s any consolation I am getting the same error on a daily basis but unable to resolve either.

I have renamed the directory that the cron job appears to be trying to delete on the basis it’s labelled as a ‘tmp’ parent directory. Munin monitoring appears to continue to be operating as normal.

I will see if I get another report overnight of a failure.

Update; cron job reported failure again but against the renamed directory.

Will now delete the renamed directory and see what gets reported tomorrow

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