False alarms about incorrect reverse DNS


Every couple of days, my box alternates between:
:heavy_multiplication_x: Your box’s reverse DNS is currently [Not Set], but it should be mail.acedb.co. Your ISP or cloud provider will have instructions on setting up reverse DNS for your box.
✓ Reverse DNS is set correctly at ISP. [ ↦ mail.acedb.co]

Every time I check it, the reverse DNS is working fine. The owner of my IPs is not making any changes. Any ideas what could be causing this? I have NOT altered the address or host name in case anyone would like to look at how my DNS is set up.


Might find some help from one of these previous reports:

Seems to be a common occurence for Digital Ocean installs.


I have run several different installs of MiaB … and have gotten the same warnings.

Over time, I just simply learned to ignore them.