Reverse DNS strange message

Hi, my rDNS was set 48 hours ago, but the System Status whos the following. Does anybodey know what this means?

Your box’s reverse DNS is currently (IPv4) and [Not Set] (IPv6), but it should be Your ISP or cloud provider will have instructions on setting up reverse DNS for your box.


I regularly see a similar message, next day I always get another message where it tells me it successfully resolved the reverse DNS again.

Has been doing that for me for months. I just ignore it now.

Well in that case it turned out that rDNS for ipv6 was not set. That is what in my case removed this notification.

Are you hosting at Digital Ocean?

I’ve hosted a at a few places, always seemed to get the message at DO but not others.


It seems that somewhere once you add rDNS it is set automatically for both ipv4 and 6 and somewhere rDNS must be set separately for ipv4 and ipv6.

Sorry to be late to the party - but I have this issue as well and it would appear we’re not alone. This thread is full of DO users that get the same behavior - and I get messages stating that my rDNS is toggled between set correctly and [not set] every 2-3 days at 3AM.

This is a problem caused by DO. Their authoritative dns server responsible for the reverse lookup doesn’t always reply promptly or at all.

Some effort was made by me to investigate this. We can check multiple times during the status checks. A proposal was made here:

We would be hiding a problem though.