[External App] MIAB Account Management


Over the past couple weeks, @alento and myself have been working on a script to allow non-admins to manage a domain (example: a company running MIAB can give an HR department access to my script to add or remove users, without the need to give them full access to the MIAB instance). It does not use a traditional database, it uses a custom flat-file database that I have designed myself over the years. So the script can be drag and drop, however the config.php should be properly configured for maximum security.

The GitHub page is located here: https://github.com/mitchellurgero/miab_account_management

The setup is simple:

  1. git clone the repository to a webservers root directory (for Apache / Nginx the default is /var/www/html
  2. copy config.example.php to config.php. Modify this to your config.
  3. The db_location variable should not be anywhere inside, or under the webserver’s root. If you are using a default root, a good play is just /var/www. However anywhere is good as long as the webserver has read/write access.

Some screen shots:


This is a neat idea, would be very handy for someone who manages multiple domains and users. :+1:


In my use case … I have a domain which is being serviced by one of my MiaB instances and the owner of this domain demands the ability to add and delete mailboxes himself. This solves that issue without giving away access to the entire box. :slight_smile:

Thanks again @murgero for this script - and dealing with my little fixes. :stuck_out_tongue:


I love programming and writing php scripts so it was fun to do! I hope more people find it helpful :slight_smile: