Error during upgrade (Nextcloud)

While trying to upgrade to v56 I receive the following during the “Upgrading to Nextcloud version 18.0.10”

FAILED: wget -O /tmp/contacts.tgz

404 Not Found

After the error, the mailinabox service will not start.


What version are you upgrading from?

What command did you enter to run the update?

I don’t recall the exact version before the upgrade attempt, but now when I run it shows v56.

I’m attempting to upgrade using “curl -s | sudo -E bash”

This appears to be the same issue as a post earlier today:

My best guess is a change to in the latest version of MiaB is causing the problem.

I just realized you can update to v55, and at least have that, I just need to figure out the command to run to upgrade to a version other than the latest version.

And as I recommended in the other post, please create an issue on GitHub, if there isn’t one there already (it would be right at the top).

Here is a way I figured out to upgrade to v55 that I know can work:

chmod 755
nano +23

Change the version to match:


Then run:

sudo ./
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