Emails doesn't reach Gmail and Outlook

Long time MiaB user here, I never used it to send mails though but only for receiving them. Is there anyway to debug this issue? and can I use AWS SES with MiaB?

I have just moved a customer over to MiaB and too am worried about the occasional RBL flagging.

I normally set up an email server by hand and use AWS SES for the transport OUT of the box.

It’s easy enough to set up in Postfix, etc.

Keep me posted.


For both Gmail and Outlook, you have to reach out to your friends and family members. Send email to them, let them reply, and if it’s in the Junk, ask them to mark it as “Not Spam”.

For Outlook, there’s a possibility they will tell you your IP is block, and they will provide you link to follow up to remove the block. Just follow the instructions they provided.

If all goes well, in no time you will build enough rep for your mails to reach both gmail and outlook inbox.

This will be found in /var/www/log/mail.log and the same is true for Verizon and many others.

And if you don’t have friends who use Gmail or Outlook that you want to bother with this, the alternative is to use a SMTP relay.

In my experience Microsoft seem to be a much bigger pain about this than Google. We’ve had problems with getting mails to go to the inbox of Hotmail and Outlook users much more often than we have with Gmail.

Gmail will almost always be fixed by following the guidance above and just moving stuff from spam folder to inbox and replying. Outlook/Hotmail you will very often have to contact MS to get it sorted out.


Can you shed any more light on the details of the process for getting unblocked on Microsoft Outlook/Hotmail accounts? Specifically who do you email? Outlook seems to be the only people who are junking mail from my server, and it isn’t a configuration issue on my end.


Is there anything in /var/log/mail.log when the message is delivered? Are you on any blacklists? Also check

Look in the guides category on this forum please. After you have checked your mail logs for the instructions from Micro$oft.


my apologies, I should have looked harder first.

For people in the future, here is a handy link