DNS errors but it's correct at registrar

I’m getting errors on my MiaB box saying that the glue records and DNS are incorrect, but they’re set correctly at the registrar.

Glue records:

Where should I start troubleshooting this?

When did you set the glue records? The dns record also does not resolve at my place. If you just set them, it might take a while to be available everywhere.

  • Did you change anything (even seemingly unrelated) recently?
  • Does the MiaB box handle DNS for you, or do you use external DNS
  • What does the of your status screen look like? Any warnings/errors there?

The glue records have been there for ages (years).

I haven’t knowingly changed anything recently.

Here’s my status page in full:

Some registrars like Namecheap.com do not support IPv6 DNS servers, so try to remove the IPv6 address and only use as your DNS servers IP address when you register the hostname as a glue record in Custom DNS.

IPv4 address:

IPv4 address :

I did check out your website using its IPv4 address, and it works.

Your problem is with your domain name registrar. My suggestion is remove the IPv6 address and I believe your domain name will resolve.

Do tell us here if my suggestion worked or did not work.

If the the glue records have been there for ages, then, perhaps you need to login into your MIAB admin web panel at
and go the System tab and then choose Custom DNS, then see if your DNS settings (A record) for ns1 and ns2 point to

I know MIAB on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS has some known bugs so you must not reboot the machine to install updates or your system will not be able to receive email. The only solution I know of is to reinstall the OS and reinstall MIAB from the scratch.

Alternatively, you can try to install Vestacp.com but you need Debian 9 and it too comes with selfhosted email. But stay away from IPv6 as its not supported.

I’ve been using IPv6 for a long time (years) with Gandi as the registrar, and it’s been working all this time. I’ll remove it though just to rule it out. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Looking at MXlookup everything except your certificates are fine. Please refresh them as they expired two days ago and add the DNSEC key to your Gandi domain.
Gandi supports ipv6. This work fine for me no need to touch it.

Important use puck.nether.net as a secondary slave name server to ensure redundancy. Using the two ns1 and ns2 nameservers creates a single point of failure. I have had issues with ns6.gandi.net so I would advise not to use that one.

Same for internet.nl

I did an nslookup on your domain name using your IPv4 name servers , and this is the result:

C:\Users\Sugu>nslookup ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com
Server: UnKnown

Name: ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com
Addresses: 2a02:8010:6a03:0:5054:ff:fe37:cdda

The result using your IPv6 name servers is:

C:\Users\Sugu>nslookup ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com 2a02:8010:6a03:0:5054:ff:fe37:cdda
Server: UnKnown
Address: 2a02:8010:6a03:0:5054:ff:fe37:cdda

Name: ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com
Addresses: 2a02:8010:6a03:0:5054:ff:fe37:cdda

I must make this conclusion that your name servers, both IPv6 and IPv4 are working correctly.
Its probably your glue records at your registrar, Gandi.net.

I advise you to contact Gandi.net and ask them if their system is down.

You can also try to check System tab in MIAB Admin panel and go to Custom DNS and see if your hostname, ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com does point to a valid A or AAAA record. I think your DNS in MIAB might be messed up since when I ping your name server hostname ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com, I get this:

C:\Users\Sugu>ping ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com
Ping request could not find host ns1.merovingian.lloydsmart.com. Please check the name and try again.

I also tried doing an nslookup using online tool at:
Online nslookup — Find DNS records

And your domain name totally does not resolve. So, I think the problem is with Gandi.net. You should talk to Gandi.net customer support.

Ok, I found the problem. It wasn’t Gandi.

Turns out I was having the same issue as the guy in this thread: DNS failure on Ubuntu 22.04

BIND9 wasn’t running. I applied the fix outlined by @crazySpaniard over on the other thread, and everything started working.

Thanks to everyone who replied for your help. My issue is now solved.

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