Change password for email created under

I have created a few email acc under my domain (from
I would like to let my members able to change their own mail password in their end.
But I was told by support that changing password in their end is not possible to do so.
I wonder if i use mail-in-a-box, is this method allows members to do so?

Yes, you can! Roundcube allows that under Settings > Password.


Logically, is it possible to change password without setting up postfix?

postfix is your mail transport agent, and it forms part of mailinabox. If you don’t set up postfix, you don’t have a mail server…

If you are okay with API, you can also create a simple web page for your users to change password using the API if you don’t like to use roundcube.

Can I get source or reference for both method? Feel interested on both method.

Actually I am quite blur on SMTP and IMAP logic flows…

Currently my mail SMTP and IMAP still pointing to domain .com ( and
For changing the password in roundcube. I need to setup my own SMTP and IMAP so that the password will be stored at my end. Is it the logic flows like this?

Your mail server is currently with a, if you want to host it on your own then you will need to migrate all the mails and mail accounts over which is/may not be a simple process.

Using mailinabox means you install and manage the entire mail server on your own. There’s no support to help you.

I recommend you to go through and attempt to set it up, and see whether it’s a working solution for your use.


If I am understanding this thread’s conversation correctly, you currently have a domain registered through which also hosts email for your domain. You are using that email for yourself and your ‘members’ and would like better control over it such as the ability for people to each change their own passwords as an example.

Mail-in-a-Box cannot help you with that.

What COULD help you would be to set up Mail-in-a-Box to replace the email service offered by Alternatively, you could migrate your email to a different email service provider.

If you DO need installation assistance and support, I do offer the service of installing and/or maintaining Mail-in-a-Box. Please feel free to visit my site at for more information.

I managed to work on Mail-in-a-Box, but i came out with one question.
is it possible setting up this acc with my phone? so that i can open the mailbox thru mail app.

It’s okay, i managed to setup Mail-in-a-Box. Thanks.

everything is as per normal email. when you go to /admin, under Mail/User there’s another submenu call “Instructions” in addition to the links to create your custom email accounts.

Option Value
Protocol/Method IMAP
Mail server
IMAP Port 993
IMAP Security SSL or TLS
SMTP Port 587
SMTP Security STARTTLS (“always” or “required”, if prompted)
Username: Your whole email address.
Password: Your mail password.

I found out my page is now changed, this used to display a React page.
I wonder is it possible if i serve my website in

Yes you can. Under System, you can find “Custom DNS”, you need to create a A Record which points to your current web server.

ok thks!
Btw is it normal when sending mail to outlook? working well for sending to gmail

You need this.

Thks again, because i am thinking of sending mail use php mail.
So i plan to setup laravel inside the mail server. but when i created a new A record, it auto redirects to this page… Can advise on this? Sorry to have so many questions on this…

Do not do this. Why would you want to downgrade your email service? In addition you really should not be hosting anything other than the Mail-in-a-Box installation on this same VPS.

Likely because you did not indicate to MiaB that you’d be hosting a subdomain’s website in the admin area? That is my best guess.

Because what i am thinking is, i can use this email service by using API.
Let say my Mail Service is Server A, Website is Server B. My Server B can use API to communicate with Server A to send email? so that my mail wouldnt be considered as spam mail

I’m not sure what you mean by send through API, but a perhaps now old-fashioned way to use a mail server for sending transactional mail from another server is through a null client configuration. Simple to configure and Just Works™.

This can be accomplished with postfix (Postfix Standard Configuration), I haven’t tried with MiaB but it did work fine back in tha’ day with Gmail (NOT recommended) and Postfix on a self-configured mail server, but the easiest null client solution for me was always nullmailer:

It is also available in the Ubuntu Server repositories.

Because i want to send email from external dns (Server B).
My mail server is in (Server A).
What i mean here is i will create an API in Server A, so that Server B able to call this API and Sever A send the mail.

Because only Server A IP is whitelisted. Sorry for broken english. :sweat_smile: