Certain DNS records not propagating

Hello I have 4 domains connected to my setup 3 of them are using the built in DNS and the last one is using cloudflare with manual records. Well one of my domains that are using the built-in DNS has all of the base DNS records propagated but when I want to go and change one it never propagates the update

When you change a record, check it with a tool like https://gwhois.org. That site does not cache any results and every lookup is from the root servers.

Its the same thing nothing changed it’s been 2 hours basically. All that is there is the default DNS records that it puts

What does the MiaB dashboard status checks page report for the configured record?

Specifically what record is not propagating?

Let me look it up in DNS and see what is going on for you.

im trying to set a CNAME of ghs.googlehosted.com.
on www.fire-studios.tk

Can I see a screen cap of the entry you made in Custom DNS?

Had you previously made a custom DNS record for the www subdomain of that domain?

I was previously using Cloudflare but it’s been 12 hours but yes I had a record for that sub domain on Cloudflare

I mean on MiaB. The NS record is pointing at your MiaB, so a configuration from a previous DNS server should make a difference.

So I have to go back to using a different DNS server again?

I had a typo. You don’t need to use the old DNS server. It’s records are gone to the Internet, no longer available. Everyone will query the new server.

but i dont understand why my MiaB is not pushing my stuff but only its stuff

Yes, it seems like there is some issue there, which is why I was asking if you had used that subdomain for that domain before.

MiaB is responding with the correct records for the robo-rage subdomain, but not home or www subdomains.

So, there is something different between these domains.

for robo-rage there’s a TXT record but its bot pushing that one too

But for all the other subdomains I have never used on my install

I’m not sure what you mean, but robo-rage returns a CNAME record that matches your configuration.

I’m talking about this