Cant access Admin Panel 502 bad gateway,

For some reason i can no longer access my admin panel after an update.

Some mailboxes work still and receive mail, but a select few do not.

I followed this guide: Admin Panel not reachable, nginx down?

When i run “sudo management/” i get the following:

“unable to execute management/ No such file or directory”

Any ideas what the issue could be?


It looks to me that you are not in the mailinabox folder.
Did you change directory to the mailinabox folder?
cd mailinabox

or try this command from your user dir:
sudo ~/mailinabox/management/

Edited based on suggestion below frow @murgero

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sudo ~/mailinabox/management/ is a better option as the ~ will assume his home folder.

Yes i can confirm i am in the mailinabox folder. “sudo ~/mailinabox/management/” also states ““unable to execute management/ No such file or directory””.

Any other suggestions?


rm -rf /home/YOURUSERNAME/mailinabox
curl -s | sudo bash

This will “reinstall” MIAB.

Then check:
sudo systemctl status apache2.service

If it returns data and says apache2 is running:

sudo -i
systemctl stop apache2.service
apt-get purge apache2
systemctl restart nginx.service