Z-push sync errors generating CPU load

I’ve been seeing an increased load since June without having any difference in users.

After enabling slow-queries in PHP and analyzing the nginx access logs it seemed that z-push was constantly querying Nextcloud. No idea why, but I’m suspecting it needed the addressbook and calander.

I’ve checked with the z-push admin to check the users and found that 1 users had 9 problems. These consisted of a couple of e-mails that couldn’t be send because of a verification error and calendar items that had a wrong start date. I’m guessing my Sabre DAV error is a result of this.

I looks like z-push does not fix these errors by itself. It will constantly loop until a manual resync of delation of the users state folder is done. I have no more errors since I deleted the state folder of the user.

Maybe an idea to implement a z-push resync or state deletion for all users every time MAIB is updated? Although I haven’t got any idea how many of you have seen the same problem.

Per the documentation of z-push we do a fix-states after a release:

That should be enough between minor versions. Perhaps we should have done it in the script when we jump a major version.

I tried the fixstates and clearloop, but they didn’t fix the problems I encountered.

I found out. It’s Outlook using ActiveSync on the server. It works, but this generates a constant hell of a load on the server.