Will apticron interfere with anything in the MiaB project?

I typically install apticron to my servers to receive notifications of available server updates without having to log in.

The package doesn’t look to me like it will interfere with anything in the MiaB project, but before installing I just wanted to see if someone can confirm this won’t cause any issues. Here are the depends from the Ubuntu apticron package page:


It shouldn’t … but I am not an expert and it is just my opinion.

You are aware that autoupdate is enabled, right?

My understanding is that autoupdate just automatically updates the package list, but doesn’t do anything else, such as tell me there are updates available or perform the upgrades.

I understood differently … but then again, it is not my area of expertise.

Actually, looking into it further it seems to only do unattended upgrades of security upgrades. So, I stand corrected.


It is not clear to me that the package you linked to is active on the server.

I don’t like automatic upgrades as they sometimes require user interaction and can break things. This isn’t often, but has happened to me enough times that I prefer to have complete control over the running of upgrades.


Assuming that you are running on Ubuntu 18.04 v0.41 of MiaB it is active, but as I just noted it seems to only be set to do security upgrades.

I fully understand your position though.

Again, back to the initial question … as the installation of apticron is even suggested on the unattended-upgrades package page from Ubuntu I do not believe that it will cause any interference. This question on GitHub should get you a definitive answer.