Where are "sent"emails

hi all, till now i had a linux email server with diff folders for received (cur, new, tmp) emails and sent ones. now i want to migrate this server to miab. how can i do and where should i move sent emails from old server?

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The simplest method of migrating email is to use IMAPSYNC.

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it’s not so simple as i need to move about 150gb of emails… more than that, i can’t do this with only 1 IP… is there any other option?

Can you please provide more details, such as why imapsysnc is not a suitable tool for your application?

Inquiring minds want to know … why not?

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the server is already in production, with public ip and can’t be stopped. the server is in a datacenter, so i can’t install other machine with same public ip… :slight_smile:

And how does that stop you from transferring 150gb of data using IMAPSYNC?

Yes, imapsync should be fine for this host to host mail move. I successfully moved a live production mail server this way over the course of a week. Gilles Lamiral the author of imapsync gives very good instructions for how to achieve this:



Using imapsync will keep all the message ids time stamps etc correct and perfectly handles attachments in my experience.

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Your original question is where is sent mail stored. It is not clear from looking at the mailbox structure but presumably in ‘cur’ but not obvious how to do anything with that directly.

As mentioned above, I used imapsync. However, MIAB uses Dovecot as its IMAP server. There are some Dovecot migration tools which might be helpful or point you in the right direction.

Dovecot mail migration