What is the best way to merge two MiaB accounts?

I want to merge two MiaB accounts (A & B). Relevant from account B are just the Emails. For account A everything is important (Emails, Contacts & Calendars). Account B should point with an alias to account A.

What is the best way to do that?

An idea i have is to just copy and paste all Emails from account B to account A in my Thunderbird client, then delete account B in the admin interface and setup the alias.
But I am not sure if that will work or if there are problems doing that :confused:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I need to be able to combine email accounts as well. Did you ever figure this out?

i have done it the way i described above, but i am still looking for a smarter way…
like a script or something to run on the server. I’d prefer doing it on the server itself than manually in my Thunderbird client where i need to login to both accounts :confused: