What is the best way to deal with spam?

What is the best way to deal with spam in MiaB? Esp. when specific spam-mails get through the default configuration of MiaB`s spamassassin?

  • Ioving the specific mail to the junk folder (training seems not to work properly)?
  • Implement roundcube-plugin (such as black- or whitelist)?
  • Etc.

Any ideas or experiences?

Theoretically, the sa-learn script will improve as more mails are moved to the spam directory.

How long have you been using MiaB?

@openletter theoretically: yes. practically, at least on my end: no. Using MiaB since two years.

Do you use any mail clients that have spam detection? I use Thunderbird and with MiaB I really get very little spam to my inbox. My current installation MiaB was installed whenever it was that the project migrated to 18.04.