Weird Outlook mobile problem after upgrade .44 to .45

I first installed MiaB as .44, so this is my first upgrade.

Ran the upgrade, all went well. Desktop email client (TBird) working, webmail working.

Outlook on Android stopped working. No errors. Just no new email. Rebooted phone. Same. removed account, re-added. Same. Removed account, cleared app cache. Re-added account. Same. Weird thing is, no errors, and it still shows me all emails prior to the upgrade. But nothing since.

Looked in the z-push log dir, there are errors but nothing new since the upgrade.

Just removed acct, uninstalled Outlook, rebooted phone, re-installed outlook, re-added acct, still only seeing mail from pre-upgrade?!

Anyone have any ideas?

Use a different mobile email client perhaps? If everything works with other clients, then the issue is that particular client.

Ended up using BlueMail, which is working… (both it and Outlook were using ActiveSync)

Still seems very strange… Would love to get to the bottom of the issue…

I had the same problem after the upgrade to .45 (Outlook app on iOS)

I changed the settings from Exchange to IMAP, now it is working fine.

Yes, but of course IMAP doesn’t sync calendar, contacts, etc.

After using the z-push resync commands, and a lot of weirdness, eventually both of my clients appear to be working again now (BlueMail and Outlook) via ActiveSync.