VPS does not allow me to log in as root, what should I do to my non-root user?

I have a VPS an TransIP.nl. It does not allow me to log in as root. I do have sudo rights, so when logged in I can perform any action.

MIAB is running smoothly. All checks green.

I do have issues when rsyncing backups and web pages. Because I log in as a non-root user, I often have no rights to read/write files.

This is probably more of a sysadmin question, but is there anything I can do to my “normal” user to make him have the same file permissions as root? I have already added him to group root but that does not resolve the problems i have.

To bypass the errors I have chowned several folders to my non-root user but that is not a permanent solution. Any insights would be appreciated. Thanks.

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What I did to solve this was enable my user to sudo without a password for rsync, and then sudo rsync in.

rsync -vhazP --rsync-path=‘sudo rsync’ BOX.DOMAIN.COM:/home/user-data/backup/encrypted /Users/my/backup/location/