v0.22 "No contacts in here" in ownCloud, but I see them in external clients

I started with v0.16. I kept up-to-date with newer versions along the way.
I recently upgraded to v.0.22.
I have nothing fancy regarding custom DNS or external DNS.
All of my status checks come back green and happy.

I can edit contacts in my iPhone or via CardBook in Thunderbird Mail on my Desktop Ubuntu machine, and the changes are synchronizing though my mail-in-a-Box instance. So that part seems to be working. What’s not working is viewing or editing those contacts via ownCloud in my Mail-in-a-Box instance. I only see a “No contacts in here” message when I follow the URL from the /admin directory. I can click the button to add a new contact, but then nothing is editable. This is Chrome on Ubuntu, but the same behavior is in other browsers / OSen.

The weird thing for me is that the contacts are obviously there and synchronizing to my other devices via CardDav. When, in ownCloud, I click the download link to dump my contacts as a big vCard text file (named “download”), I see hundreds of records in there and also my freshly done changes via those external clients (iOS and Thunderbird CardBook).

Is there something obvious I’m doing incorrectly? I’d like to be able to edit my contacts in ownCloud as well. Thanks for any tips!

I should add that before v0.22 I was able to work with the contacts via ownCloud as well as my external devices. Forgot to mention that tidbit, sorry!

Can you verify that the latest version of the contacts plugin is installed?

cat /usr/local/lib/owncloud/apps/contacts/appinfo/info.xml

That should contain a line: <version>1.5.3</version>

Thanks michaelkroes! Interesting! I see <version>1.5.1</version> there. So it’s obviously not the latest version of the contacts plugin.

How would I go about upgrading that? I thought that Mail-in-a-Box handles all the ownCloud plugins as well.

Just before I started this thread, I ran through the upgrade steps to make sure I was on the latest version of everything. Then, as now, it said

Installing ownCloud (contacts/calendar)... ownCloud is already latest version

And <version>1.5.1</version> is still in the info.xml. :confused: