Using box as a smtp relay

hello I got a question since I have my email server working I was just wondering if I could use it as a relay for my email applications and projects

Yes. Just be sure to give each one its own email address so if one gets compromised you know which one it is that is spamming the rest of us.

how would i set it up to do a smtp relay

Create a user account. Use those details in your app. @bobby99

yes but I need the SMTP url is it just on port 587?

Exactly. Your app connects to a smtp relay no differently than your email client connects to send your emails. It is all done by smtp. Oh, and make sure that STARTTLS is chosen … but don’t be afraid to experiment with the settings as some apps are poorly written.

okay thanks because I tried to do it and nothing was getting sent out that’s why I came here and asked

Then you need to review your mail logs and determine why…

could it be that my IP address is in 8 different spamdatabases not the email server but the server that I’m trying to email through the SMTP relay

No, not if you are sending using the authenticated MiaB user.

oh ok because I made a account on the server there’s nothing in sent or out also if you’re wondering what I’m trying to set up I downloaded discourse and I’m trying to set it up

Aren’t there any error logs on the discourse side? Still the key is to review the logs and see what is actually happening.

everything looks normal

maybe I’m being stupid

If everything were normal, then email would be sending. :stuck_out_tongue:

for SMTP server address is right?

Hop on to Slack. This isn’t the place for a real time conversation.

It is the hostname of your MiaB, so presumably yes, if you followed the suggestions of the guide when setting up MiaB.