User-data dir as symlink


On my MIAB setup, /home/user-data is a symlink to /mnt/mail/user-data/.
Given that I want to release the additional disk, I thought that moving all data from /mnt/mail/user-data/ to /home/user-data/ and deleting the symlink would work without a problem.

However, that was not the case. The only thing that still works is MIAB admin that throws no errors. Everything else stops working.

I copied the files with rsync -rpLtv /mnt/mail/user-data/ /home/user-data so I don’t think it’s a permission problem.

Could I be missing something?

While setting up MIAB, I did the reverse: MIAB instalation > move user-data to mnt/mail/ > create symlink /home/user-data pointing to /mnt/mail/user-data


The copy process should have been this since it’s a symlink:

  1. mkdir /home/user-data-temp
  2. rsync -rpLtv /mnt/mail/user-data/ /home/user-data-temp
  3. rm-rf /home/user-data (Confirm all data was copied!)
  4. mv /home/user-data-temp /home/user-data
  5. reboot

Also, if the above was already done, please send me some logs via a PM if possible.