Upload email backup

I have a mail folder took for the backup purpose from my previous godaddy hosted server. Now I have switched my domain on digitalocean with mail-in-a-box setup. How can I upload backup of my mail ids now.

I am not familiar with GoDaddy’s download/backup mechanism. Could you please give us the directory structure and maybe what some of the filenames look like?

EDIT: I found a help article on GoDaddy’s website for backing up email, but it is for web-based mail. Could you please provide us as to why you need old emails. That may help us find a solution for you.

Also, if your mail client that you use stores a copy of all of your emails, is there a problem with just having that?

First of all thanks for the reply. Right now I do not have backup from email clients like outlook or anything, I do have backup taken from godaddy server which contains a mail folder in which we have a folder with our domain name and in that folder we have one folder for each email id which contains three folders tmp, new, cur and some other files like log etc. So my structure is like mail > ehsconsultantsgroup.org > ashwin > then the folders.

So you may not be able to transfer the users themselves, but I think you can transfer the user data. So, you will probably need to go into the admin control panel and create all the users your previously had.

This is based on an educated guess:
Once the users have been created, you need to go into the /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/ directory and place your backed up files in there. So, if your email account was ashwin15@ehsconsultantsgroup.org , you would copy from:

and paste/put it in:

Make sure to merge or whatever it’s called to resolve filename conflictions.

Uploaded data as per your instructions. Thanks a lot.

The instructions you were provided by @Eliter should have worked … did they? Or did you run into any issues?

Yes the instructions provided worked. I did not face any issue while uploading backup.