Upgraded to .44 now Opencart cant send emails due to TLS 1.1


I upgraded to 0.44 yesterday, and now when Opencart v2.3 tries to send customers their invoice it no longer works, in the mail log it talks about unsupported TLS

How can I wind back the new configuration, to once again allow TLS v1.1 or even TLS v1.0 – I understand the risks, but they really are quite minimal in my situation?

Thanks in advance!

I apologize for trying to help without being familiar with OpenCart, but based on the Wikipedia article, isn’t that just a PHP shopping platform?

This sort of project usually uses the PHP mail() function which calls sendmail. This is usually where the problem lies. Or, it has some terrible PHP-coded SMTP mailer that generally shouldn’t be used, anyway.

Where are you hosting your OpenCart?

There have been a few posts so far on how to modify your system, or roll it back.

The bigger issue really is that your software client needs to update their systems to comply with the current standards. After all the depreciation of TLS 1.1 was announced in October 2018 – plenty of time for them to do an upgrade.

So, I suggest that you should be calling them out for not providing working software.

It’s not a point about calling them out, their newer software supports it just fine – It’s the cost and headache of upgrading a system that functions well that is not warranted …

Its very easy to sit on the other side somewhere and give your opinion without knowledge of the situation and its reasons

I do not believe that I am using PHP for mail as I have opted directly for SMTP, however this is something that I will look into – thank you!

I would have to disagree with this statement. If it does not meet current security standards, then it does not function well.

In my original comment I misplaced the cause as I do not know the software you are using specifically, so did not realize that it was not a current version.