Upgrade to the latest version

Not sure if it’s related - but one of my mailboxes has marked all mails as unread since the latest upgrade.

Quite annoying but other then that - not sure where to begin looking for a cause… Could even very well be client-side triggering this, no clue. Either way - off to mark everything as read I guess.

What version did you upgrade from?

This is very peculiar, because I don’t know why the MiaB scripts would do anything directly with the maildir files.

yeah and only for one user mailbox… so either one of my users managed to SELECT-ALL + mark as unread at exactly the same time of me upgrading the system… or one of the client apps going bonkers…

and as the from - to version - I like to keep my things as up-to-date as possible, so I’m just rolling along… so v0.52 to v0.53 I guess? or were there any inbetweens?