Upgrade to the latest version

Not sure if it’s related - but one of my mailboxes has marked all mails as unread since the latest upgrade.

Quite annoying but other then that - not sure where to begin looking for a cause… Could even very well be client-side triggering this, no clue. Either way - off to mark everything as read I guess.

What version did you upgrade from?

This is very peculiar, because I don’t know why the MiaB scripts would do anything directly with the maildir files.

yeah and only for one user mailbox… so either one of my users managed to SELECT-ALL + mark as unread at exactly the same time of me upgrading the system… or one of the client apps going bonkers…

and as the from - to version - I like to keep my things as up-to-date as possible, so I’m just rolling along… so v0.52 to v0.53 I guess? or were there any inbetweens?

so this happened again, more or less… upgraded to v0.54 and one mailbox has all mail that’s been marked as read/ moved to bin etc in the last week moved back to inbox and unread…I upgraded around midnight, so the only client contacting that mailbox would have been the mail app on an iphone, so no possibility of a client out of sync… any clues anyone?

okay for some reason the mail app on that device was not syncing info back to the server. Re-configured the account on the mail app, everything seems to be working now… Fingers crossed :slight_smile:

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