Upgrade to 0.54


I just upgraded to 0.54 and it appears that port 465 is blocked on IPV6. I’ve opened a ticket with Linode. For some reason it is saying that SMTP/postfix is not running on ports 25 or 587. Is this because of the port 465 problem or something else?

Thanks in advance!

What is “it” in this sentence?

✖	Incoming Mail (SMTP/postfix) is not running (port 25).
✖	Outgoing Mail (SMTP 587/postfix) is not running (port 587).

Okay, so the MiaB dashboard status checks.

Unless you have changed the ufw settings, this is usually a problem with the provider (Linode, in your case). If they report they are not blocking any ports or only one port, it could possibly be a bug.

Ugh. Hopefully they fix it soon. Thankfully I only have a few users…

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