Upgrade from .24a to .44. Nextcloud won't upgrade

I’ve searched both here and MIIB github to see if a solution existed. Fixed a number of things this way. The mail server portion is operational and that syncs fine (so far). I can’t use Exchange server since obviously the OC/NC portion won’t update. I can do without my old data. Perfectly happy to just wipe that and start fresh. I just need to know how to go about doing this manually? Is it even possible?

The error when running mailinabox:

“Upgrades from Mail-in-a-Box prior to v0.28 (dated July 30, 2018) with Nextcloud < 13.0.6 (you have ownCloud 8 or 9) are not supported. Upgrade to Mail-in-a-Box version v0.30 first. Setup aborting.”

It can be done, but the process is not pretty.

You’re better off spinning up another MiaB and rsynching your maildirs over.

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