Unknown connections to Microsoft shown in z-push-top

I have been trying MIAB for a little while and while I was trouble-shooting an issue with z-push, I noticed two connections in z-push-top which I cannot account for. I have removed all my EAS accounts from my devices and removed the state for all devices with z-push-admin. But those two connections just appear again immediately in z-push-top. They both come up as Outlook-iOS-Android client.

I assumed at first that this meant that someone (or some people) have somehow gained access to my account. I cannot see how this is possible since those two connections have existed since first setting up my z-push account on my phone.

The connection IPs are and Both of these appear to belong to Microsoft (thanks, google).

Can anyone shed light on why z-push is constantly trying to sync with Outlook clients at Microsoft?! Or what is actually going on?!

Sincerely (an inexperienced novice)

EDIT: It appears that new connections to MS IPs get created when setting up a new account in the iOS and Android Outlook apps.

Outlook is a M$ app after all… It’s probably phoning home tbh. and it might do that through the Exchange/activesync (z-push) server

I think you must be right. It just surprises me that even after removing the accounts from my devices (and even switching them to airplane mode to ensure they are not talking to z-push), z-push apparently is still constantly talking to those MS IPs. It then continues until I change the user password via Roundcube.

Weird! I think I will avoid the Outlook app from now on (at least in activesync mode). I don’t like the idea of data going via MS, even if it is totally innocuous.

Thanks for the reply, Murgero.

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