Unable to provision Lets Encrypt Certificate after moving box to new host

I decided to move my box to a new VM and clean up the 2+ years of updates and cruft as well as move the box’s address to a new domain. I copied over my entire user-data folder after installing on the new box but when I try provisioning a certificate I get the following error:

Something unexpected went wrong: urn:acme:error:malformed :: The request message was malformed :: Invalid key in certificate request :: Key too large: 8192 > 4096

I tried renaming the /home/user-data/ssl/lets_encrypt folder but the new request throws the same error.

Have you tried running?

If you aren’t interested in preserving any old SSL information, you could simply delete the ssl folder entirely and run mailinabox command again? It would force it to recreate what’s missing I believe.

I haven’t tried running the script manually yet. I’ll try that and if it fails I’ll trash my SSL folder. Thanks!