Unable to access MiaB via IMAP/activesync

I need a little guidance here - my host recently changed my IPs on my OpenVZ service, and I managed to “fix” the MiaB by re-running the setup and getting it to detect the new external IP.

However, since that time I’m unable to sync with my MiaB either via ActiveSync (z-push) or via IMAP. I can still access webmail/Roundcube via my browser. I can also access Nextcloud via the browser.

I’ve also updated to 0.30 successfully, re-run the setup and rebooted a couple of times - still no joy. Any idea where I should be looking?


Change the IP’s for the glue records (nameservers) at your registrar.

Thanks, I did check that one already, though.

The MiaB system status checks are all-clear, including the glue records and Name Servers at my registrar.

Care to pm me your box’s hostname? I can take a closer look then.

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