Ubuntu_bionic: rsync Backup Troubles

Hi there,

I am having troubles getting rsync backup to work on ubuntu_bionic (but it might also carry over

Specifically, I set up rsync got an “ok” status in the webinterface and, confirming back at the destination, the first backup files were created. Perfect.

Now, a few days later I noticed that no further backup files were created. Checking back in the web interface I am now receiving a rather cryptic error popup, just saying ‘20180910T100118Z’ and also having nothing but “Loading…” listed under “Available Backups”.

I tried rebooting, rerunning the setup, I also tried removing and recreating user and backup folders on the remote location, but the result stays the same: The initial setup seems to work, a set of backup files are being created on the remote and at that point things seem to stop working.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

Mail-in-a-Box has not been released for use with Ubuntu 18.04 yet … so troubleshooting issues for your Unsupported Modification is not something that most here are prepared to do unfortunately.

@jstummbillig Try to reproduce your support call inside the dedicated PR in Github about 18.04 ubuntu_bionic branch, you already used before … Better to have all suffered issues with your/ our debugging tests all together.