Two-Factor Authentication - alternative access

Hello, i see there is Two-Factor Authentication option in the Control Panel , yet i don’t see alternative mechanism (in case ie devise lost or stollen).
Does someone use this and what is alternative algorithm in such an event? Thanx!

I don’t use the MFA but you can try in your terminal command line


You can then use

sudo ./mailinabox/management/ user mfa disable [id]

Where [id] is the first number u see when you user mfa show user@email

I haven’t tried since mine is off.

management/ system default-quota [new default] (set default quota for system)
management/ user (lists users)
management/ user add [password]
management/ user password [password]
management/ user remove
management/ user make-admin
management/ user quota user@domain [new-quota]
management/ user remove-admin
management/ user admins (lists admins)
management/ user mfa show (shows MFA devices for user, if any)
management/ user mfa disable [id] (disables MFA for user)
management/ alias (lists aliases)
management/ alias add
management/ alias add ‘,
management/ alias remove

PS: Just tried, and the above will work to disable the MFA for the user.