Trying to migrate from a box running Ubuntu 18.04 to one running 22.04

I host a bunch of domains on the old box and also tons of emails. The box is hosted on Oracle Cloud free tier which has a proven record of stability and performance yet it still does getting down or unresponsive once in a blue moon.

The old box has been running for over 5 years. And I decide not to wait until Ubuntu 26.04 LTS releases, or I should think twice? :rofl:

Wish myself a good luck! :smiling_face_with_tear:

Ubuntu 18.04 was EOL last year, so you should absolutely upgrade and not wait another 2 years. My professional experience I was always been that keeping up with small steps is less work and less risk than catching up in big steps.

Go with Ubuntu 22.04.4 LTS, choose the always free ARM 4 core 24 gb ram. it runs like charm. The only thing that is not updating on arm is the Duplicity backup but read this thread how to snap install duplicity --classic --edge which is the latest version. Using MIAB On ARM - #2 by vele Oracle Cloud AS seem to have been listed on UCEPROTECT level 3 which might produce some deliverability problems.

You should definitely upgrade, but it will not be easy if you did not keep up with the Ubuntu updates, or ever upgrade MiaB from when you first installed it.

What version of MiaB are you running currently?

Oracle Cloud ARM instances should work fine providing that they open their 25 port, yet they don’t. :sweat: See also: Outbound Internet E-mail(port 25) from OCI tenancies are blocked by default

Thanks for your suggestion! The version I am running is the latest one of 18.04 instances: v57.

Then you really shouldn’t experience too much difficulty.

Thanks for the encouragement! What I fear is the domain resolution entries which count around 1000. I notice that I can download the zone files but not so confident for where to import them. Researching on that.

I thought you are already running an Ubuntu 18.04 on OCI? Please clarify what are “domain resolution entries which count around 1000” 1000 domains? You have 1000 custom entries? What type of service are you running? Mail in a box is for personal use and direct mail. I doubt it will serve your purpose.

Yes I am running an Ubuntu 18.04 on OCI. Yes I am having 1000 custom entries on less than 10 domains. And yes, MIAB serves my purposes (direct mail, domain resolution, etc.) like a charm. OCI is stable enough for daily use yet its lack of rDNS functionality is a small headache.

I just did a similar upgrade last night from 18.04 to 22.04 LTS. No real problems.

First make sure all 18.04 packages are fully updated and that you have the latest MIAB version for 18.04 (I believe it was 0.57b)

Then follow these steps from @mouse :slight_smile:

If you, during the final update of MIAB, hits an error about some python “blinker”, the do the following:

apt remove python3-blinker
sudo /usr/local/lib/mailinabox/env/bin/pip install --upgrade rtyaml "email_validator>=1.0.0" "exclusiveprocess" flask dnspython python-dateutil expiringdict gunicorn         qrcode[pil] pyotp "idna>=2.0.0" "cryptography==37.0.2" psutil postfix-mta-sts-resolver b2sdk boto3

Then run the mailinabox installation again and it should all go smoothly

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I was waiting for the .68 update … my 5 year old machine with the old ubuntu was too old and my machine could not update the postfix solution. Also I saw issues when trying to upgrade to a new release … so a new machine it was…

Last week I tried to setup a new machine at Digital Ocean but the installation was a pain in the *ass … dunno why but probably to forgetting to update the 22.04 before installing MIB.

Today I saw the new release …

I made a new droplet with ubuntu 22.04
updated it
than installed MIAB with same info as old box

Wow … working instantly …

Than with winscp I uploaded my backup from today
and used the migration information to restore data …

After some minutes my backup was restored…

changed my DNS and all was working… Only hassle was to get the backups working again towards my NAS. but after updating the SSH key and some magic in my router … that was working as well …

The only thing I had to reconfigure was that I do not like greylisting …
so that one I turned off… in …

.68 seems to work flawlessly (from a new installation and restore backup point of view)

Oh and my new IP seems to work without being classed as a SPAM box :wink:

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