Trouble with receiving automated emails

Hi. I am having trouble receiving automated response emails. For example, when I two-layer authorization emails or password reset emails are not coming to the inbox for a long time (about 30 mins or more). Password resets are broken and display the link: “”. Could anyone please advise me what might be the issue here? Thank you in advance.

It is likely due to greylisting. This is a feature that gets rid of most spam by exploiting a weakness in compromised servers that send spam.

The downside is that when you receive an email for the first time from a mail server, it will have to resend the email at least three minutes after the first attempt, but some servers will wait longer.

After the first mail from the server, the rest of the mails arrive instantly.

The body content should not be altered by anything in MiaB. If you are running everything with default install, this could be a client issue.

Did you try viewing the email in Roundcube?

Thanks for the quick reply and help. That explains the timing issue, but not why the link is busted. I have a default install that I updated to the latest yesterday. I opened it directly in Chrome/round cube. The link is broken also on iOS mobile.

Is this a password for an MiaB email user account?

No, it’s a password reset for a third party. Maybe it’s their issue? I sent a message to their support and will reply here if that’s the case.

It sounds like they have an issue.

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