TLS certificate is valid according to MiaB and expired according to SSL-Labs

I get messages from all clients (nexcloud apps, browsers, saying that the TSL certificate has expired yesterday. However, the admin page persists that the certificate is still valid for 56 days. I already re-ran the setup script and restarted the machine but without effect. What could cause this problem and does anybody have a clue how to resolve it?

Make sure the timezone and time are correct on the mail server so the right cert is applied to the device.

Both timezone and time are correct.

Can you PM me the server address of your mailinabox?

For some reason, the problem auto-resolved by waiting a night. In case it turns up again, I’ll let you know. In the hope that does not happen: Thanks for your effort!

If that’s the case, maybe DNS record was to blame. Interesting either way.