Timeout from too many emails


My trash folder (with 200k emails in it) won’t load in my browser. I get the error “Server Error! (Gateway Time-out)”. I was hoping to be able to use Miab for more emails than a couple hundred thousand without issue. Is there a fix for this? Is there a way to delete my trash folder via SSH? I could probably make an imap/pop script to slowly delete them :confused:


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Email is stored in /home/user-data/mail You might find what you need there.

Yeah then I’m guessing I go to /home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/domain/username but from there I’m not sure how it is structured or how/where the emails are stored. Can’t find anything that looks like my mail folders like “Inbox” “Junk” or “Trash”

You should be in your mailbox folder. (/home/user-data/mail/mailboxes/domain.com/username/Spam)

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Yeah (in my last post I had ‘domain’ and ‘username’ wrapped in ‘<’ and ‘>’ so they weren’t showing up).

From that folder there is:

  • cur
  • dovecot.index
  • dovecot.index.cache
  • dovecot.index.log
  • dovecot.index.log.2
  • dovecot.index.thread
  • dovecot.mailbox.log
  • dovecot-uidlist
  • dovecot-uidvalidity
  • dovecot-uidvalidity.57d1af88
  • maildirfolder
  • new
  • subscriptions
  • tmp

there is no trash folder or anything that I can find

My apologies, I meant:


The “.Spam” is not a typo, that is a period in front to “Hide” the folder then the “cur” folder hold mail msg objects.


Yes, mail folders are hidden.


@John Yes are hidden then… be sure you have configured your WinSCP, Filezilla or whatever program you use to access your server through SFTP, to show you the hidden files.
If using WinSCP in Windows (Commander interface) go to Options/Preferences/Panels and check Show Hidden files or just type Ctrl+Alt+H if your don’t want to have that set permanently.