Temporary fix for FAILED: wget -O /tmp/z-push.zip https://stash.z-hub.io

This topic is migrated from the original topic to provide a temporary fix to the problem related to z-hub.io being down.

It is important to note that the below fixes are unsupported modifications.

Those preferring to use project supported installation or upgrades should wait for either Z-Hub to come back online or an official MiaB update.

Project GitHub issue can be found here.

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I’ve found the file on GitHub: Releases · Z-Hub/Z-Push · GitHub
I will try to modify the script to push it from there.


Download of https://github.com/Z-Hub/Z-Push/archive/refs/tags/2.6.2.zip did not match expected checksum.


f0e8091a8030e5b851f5ba1f9f0e1a05b8762d80 /tmp/z-push.zip


4b312d64227ef887b24d9cc8f0ae17519586f6e2 /tmp/z-push.zip

Hi there,

I edited the zpush.sh script to work around this issue:
sudo nano mailinabox/setup/zpush.sh

And modified three lines. Line 26:

The line 36:
wget_verify "https://github.com/Z-Hub/Z-Push/archive/refs/tags/2.6.2.zip" $TARGETHASH /tmp/z-push.zip

And the line 41:
mv /tmp/z-push/Z-Push-2.6.2/src /usr/local/lib/z-push

Use this at your own risk. :slight_smile:



I have 2.6.2 installed, so that is at least the same version number:

$ cat /usr/local/lib/z-push/version

It’s working with a fresh install.

Modify file before installing mailinbox.


I share the zpush.sh modified:

So if I am reading correctly, this ignores the hash?

line 26 : TARGETHASH=f0e8091a8030e5b851f5ba1f9f0e1a05b8762d80
line 36: wget_verify “https://github.com/Z-Hub/Z-Push/archive/refs/tags/2.6.2.zip” $TARGETHASH /tmp/z-push.zip

Ahh, ok … I can see clearly now, thanks!

Thanks, your zpush.sh worked for me.

The fix is now included in this PR:

The PR has been merged into main and then a new release issued.

The release, .53a, should be available to everyone and visible when performing status checks in the dashboard.

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