System Status Checks errors

hello to every one im newbe on mail in a box and i have istalled it in my Contabo vps, but when i chek the status of my mail in a box it have some problems I can’t solve. I will apreciate if someone can help me!

It looks like you need to reboot, which is easy and should be done since there are public-facing services.

MiaB assumes you will be using MiaB as the name server for domains hosted by MiaB. If you are intending to use the project this way, then you need to go to your registrar and create the glue records with and and point them at the IP address of your server. Then change the name server for the domain WHOIS record to those domains.

You should never allow root to log in through SSH and you should not allow password log in for any user. After verifying you can log in using key pair, set PasswordAuthentication no and PermitRootLogin no in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

For your Contabo server, you need to set the rDNS or PTR record (whichever they call it) to

If you still have warnings after that please post.

i have try to do it several time but whit no result, i give you some vps screenshot! sorry but im not a developer!!!

The ‘Edit DNS Zone…’ page is for managing the DNS records of the name server. However, MiaB is intended to be its own name server. To change this, you will need to go to your domain registrar and replace the three name server URLs with the two MiaB name server URLs.

The Reverse DNS Management problem looks like an issue to raise with Contabo customer support.

You need to edit the field in this image:

I may have misread the post as meaning that this had been edited but wasn’t sticking.

You read it fine — I missed it.

OP: @bottimail Your DNS settings are incorrect. BUT first – what is your intention here? Do you wish for MiaB to handle the DNS for your domain, or Contabo. If the former, you need to follow the instruction @openletter gave. If the latter, you need to fix your MX records unless it is your intention to only receive email addressed such as rather than the normal

If you have no clue what I just said, follow @openletter 's instructions.

i have to edit the last 2?

Only if you are using IPv6.

But first, WHICH IP address is the MiaB using … it seems that you have two assigned.

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@bottimail It is unusual to require an IPv6 address and the project recommends not assigning an IPv6 address to the server.

yes i have 2 vps. th MiaB one is

Then you need to edit the rDNS for that entry.

I would focus on getting the name server records sorted out first. Even after being properly configured, it can be a while before TTLs timeout and you can begin using the box again.

at this way? can i click on save?

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Correct, now log into your registrar and update the name server records.

is ok at this way?

Not quite. Delete the entry in ‘Nameserver 3’.

Just ns1 & ns2 for now. No ns3.

Did you set the ‘glue records’ ? Yes, yes you did - very good!

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about the glue records i have look on contabo support blog and it speak about it only on cPanel and Plesk and i dont have it

It is possible they call them something else, such as custom name server records, or something like that.