Suggested "hosting" who accept GBP

I’m interested in using MIAB for my domain’s email needs but… where to have it run? The obvious place is digital ocean but they’re adamant about not accepting anything but $ in payments, which would mean a currency risk for me since I only have funds in British Pounds. Does anyone have any suggestions as to where I could put my MIAB?

I really wouldn’t host on Digital Ocean.

Check out:
S4 Hosting - Pricing Plans | S4 Hosting

Not sure if these guys accept GBP:

A2 Hosting

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This is John from S4.

Thanks for the recommendation @stylnchris

We normally take card payments in Euro, but if someone really wants to pay in GBP then we can just set it up as a custom pricing plan and it will bill in pounds. We are also not set in stone that you have to have plan X or plan Y, we like to discuss needs and create something that fits.

We also have a UK company bank account and are happy to accept payments by GBP bank transfers.

Thanks for the response, stylnchris. I don’t think vultr or linode do GBP from what I can see.

A2’s site only offers prices in USD and a “sales” phone number in the US, so I don’t know what they’re playing at.

I already had hostinger on my blacklist/blocklist, although I confess I don’t know why I had them in there. Their website annoyed me today while I was looking into it though, because the price they have on offer is only available if you are willing to commit to four years. I hate bait and switch.

Out of interest, why are you against DO? Are their IP ranges on a lot of blacklists?

I’m looking at S4 now. Thanks for the suggestion.

Thanks John. I’ll probably contact you later today. I’m going to (finally) have some breakfast, first.

A LOT of DO’s IP ranges are blocked by spamhaus. DO left all ports open to the end user which allowed for anyone to easily make a mailserver on their platform but then the spammers figured this out and started abusing the service. Rather then blocking mail ports and getting their reputation back in order they decided to tell end users why they might not want to run their own mail server see → Why You May Not Want To Run Your Own Mail Server | DigitalOcean
I think they are now trying to get their house back in order but IMO running your own mail server isn’t as bad as people think as long as your ISP/ IP Subnet range isn’t full of spammers.

So people still have really good luck with DO. I did not. I host out of my home on business class and have a pretty advanced setup to ensure High Availability and Backups. My weakest link has been power ( which I have a Propane generator ) but when I lose power for a long period of time I also loose my ISP because the “repeaters” on the polls run out of battery.

Hosting out of a datacenter would be more ideal, but I’m not there… My next step would be to find a colocation to put my gear but that would cost far more per month then a VPS.

No worries, if you want to mail me directly it’s john @ our web domain.

A lot of people seem to have problems with DO IP ranges being on spam blocklists, but Linode, Vultr and UpCloud all seem to be better in that regard.

Most VPS providers will block the outbound SMTP port by default but should unblock it if you contact their support and explain your use case.

I am using Linode and have definitely had some issues with spam blocklists.
It seems OK now but it was a pain.
I had to get them to issue me a new ipV6 range to move onto to get past some of the issues.
A friend who also hosts mailinabox on linode had to do exactly the same thing.

Been running MIAB on Contabo for 2 years now, no issues so far. And they’re cheapest VPS is good enough for my needs. I also believe they have recently enabled datacenters @ UK - if that’s what you’re looking for.

Either way, can only recommend.

Edit for link > Contabo Cloud Services now in the United Kingdom

I think the original posters point wasn’t that they needed it to be in a UK datacenter but to pay in GBP.

Of the bigger cloud providers UpCloud let you pay in GBP, as well as Euro, USD and SGD, and I’d highly recommend them.

I have great hosting if u still need it and we take GBP

Is there particular reason why you can’t open account with Revolut ( Exchange with no hidden fees) or get Barclaycard Rewards (No fees abroad – you’ll be able to withdraw cash from an ATM or buy your souvenirs without any charges and benefit from Visa’s competitive exchange rate) or my other favourite Halifax Clarity credit card (Pay in local currency and your transaction will automatically convert using the Mastercard® exchange rate on that day – that also applies to cash withdrawals. And there are no foreign currency transaction fees to worry about either.) or MetroBank for EU currencies … ?


I have a Confab VPS, but had issues with MIAB with regards to installing. I gave up in the end. DNS issues etc.

I rebuilt many times using their installer, every time faced the same issue. Mainly DNS etc. Yet used Hetzner and literally worked first time.

Did you run into any issues with Contabo?

Wow must have missed the notification here, sorry for that.

No issues with Contabo, I’m a happy camper there.

@chagle It was later determined that Contabo de activates IPv6 in the kernel. A simple command fixes that issue.

I am using a Contabo VPS 300 and can confirm I needed to enable ipv6. Had zero issues with their Ubuntu 22.04 image or spam blocklist so I can absolutely recommend them.

sorry to derail this thread to a Contabo promo thread, but they’re currently offering double disk space on their VPS solutions… But I’m wondering if anyone could shed some light here, would I notice any real world difference upon switching from HDD to NVME for my mailinabox instance?

HDD TO NVMe is a huge difference.

SSD to NVMe is also a huge difference but probably not a noticeable for this application.

Commodity SSD should be more than suitable.