Subdomains & Domain file location

I gave mailinabox on a linux droplet from digitalocean a chance and i never had anythning go this easy and actually working pretty good besides a few dns records and nameservers that needs to be adjusted.

My question is, how can i make work instead of ? In apache i would know how to make a new site, enable it and reload apache but with this nginx i’ve tried the same method but it didnt do anythning at all, my local folder is /home/user-data/owncloud/

Right now i’m using a http redirect index.html page in the directory that nginx/miab serves and that works, but it could be more satisfying to have a clean direction/virtual server.

Is there a way to change the paths miab sets for the domains webdirectory so it doesnt go to /home/user-data/www and make it a userspecific path?

In the setup guide at the beginning of the “Setting Up the Box” section are these instructions:

Pro-tip: To change the default location where Mail-in-a-Box stores all of its data, you can set an environment variable named ‘STORAGE_ROOT’ before running the setup script.

But I doubt this actually addresses your concern as it seems that you only want the web root directory to be affected…

Thanks for your reply.

I noticed that but meanwhile searching and waiting for answers i came up with creating a user named, then making the dir /home/ and symlinked that into /home/user-data/www/ and chown’ing it to the user, works perfect as intended.