I have completed a (greenfield) setup of MiaB.
Due to some issues with DNS I finally decided to use external DNS in MiaB and maintained several records in my DNS control panel (Netcup).

MiaB system check reports this error:

I know this error has been posted multiple times here.
However, I cannot find a solution.

I already executed sudo mailinabox w/o changing anything, but no success.

I assume the issue is related to this DNS record: mta-sts IN TXT "v=spf1 -all"

Host Type Destination IN A my_puplic_IPv4 IN AAAA my_puplic_IPv6 IN TXT v=spf1 -all IN MX 0 . IN TXT v=DMARC1; p=reject;
mta-sts IN A my_puplic_IPv4
mta-sts IN AAAA my_puplic_IPv6
mta-sts IN TXT v=spf1 -all
mta-sts IN MX 0 .
_dmarc.mta-sts IN TXT v=DMARC1; p=reject;

My hostname is box.mydomain.example.

Can you please advise how to fix this issue?


My MTA STS record is _mta-sts., I think you might also need (note the underscore at the start). The content is something like v=STSv1; id=g
The DNS record you mention is about SPF, which is something different.

Actually I’ve taken the value from MiaB Control Panel > External DNS.
If it’s true that value v=spf1 -all is incorrect, then this is a bug in MiaB.

No, I mean that you are looking at a different record.

Actually there are no other records related to “mta-sts” when clicking Download zonefile.
However in MiaB Control Panel this record exists:
_mta-sts TXT v=STSv1; id=bnIJ5lqFGxxxxxxxAk3A

After adding this record to DNS MiaB system check is green.

THX for your support!!!

This issue is solved.

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