Strange dns entries

I have been using miab for sometime now and have always had issues with the custom dns component. The mail part is great!
The other day I removed an A record entry and added another A record entry. Strangely the process completed successfully, I usually receive an error which forces me to reload the custom dns page which then shows the updated entry.
Only this time the change has not propagated through dns. Mxtoolbox still shows the old a record.
So I checked the nsd zone files, I can see that the removed A record is still listed in the domain zone file for and also is listed in the zone file for which is the new entry.
Is it safe to just delete or comment out the entries in the zone file and reload nsd?


You can but these are generated so it’s probably better to check the source. Verify that the file $STORAGE_ROOT/dns/custom.yaml does not contain the old entry.
Can you still access the Custom DNS page in the admin account? Are the old and/or new A records present there?

Hi KiekerJan,

I can still access the custom dns page but any changes I make cause the same error - something went wrong, which forces me to reload the page and the changes are visible. I was hoping the manually edit the file to reflect the gui entries and then reload the file, but I’ll check the custom.yaml file first.



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