SSL with

Hello. I have a big problem with SSL. Today Let’s encrypt don’t renew my domains. One of them is a subdomain of and the log says “too many certificates already issued for:”.

So i need the certificate of another certifier. I think that is a good option, but in the second step the web tell me that i have to put a file in this


¿Where is this directory? ¿Where can i put the file?


Check your /etc/nginx/conf.d/local.conf file and see (around line 36) this location is aliased as follows:

    location /.well-known/acme-challenge/ {
		# This path must be served over HTTP for ACME domain validation.
		# We map this to a special path where our TLS cert provisioning
		# tool knows to store challenge response files.
		alias /home/user-data/ssl/lets_encrypt/webroot/.well-known/acme-challenge/;

Then, the real location you asked for is:


Pffff… doesn’t work.

In /home/user-data/ssl/lets_encrypt/webroot/ there is no folders called .well-known

Yes… is a hidden folder because it begins with a dot. But there is no hidden folders with that name.

So i create manually the following folder


But if i put something in it, i can’t see it in https://mydomain/.well-known/acme-challenge.

I’m very worried about this.

Ok. Now i have a certificate manually installed in the admin panel. I see in two of my 5 domains this text.

Signed & valid. The certificate expires in 89 days on 01/22/19.

If i enter to the webpage i don’t see error and the certificate is valid.

But if I use imap the error remains. The imap server is one that i renew the certificate. have I to put the certificate in another place?

I see… the imap server that i configure is but the certificate that mail-in-a-box is taking is

¿Can i change this certificate? I have two differents certificates for and for

OK. I think that i need only one csr to generate only one certificate for all domains, instead of one certificate for each domain.

¿How can i do it?