SSL provider recommendations?

I am using my MIAB setup as a permanent mailbox and I want to get an external SSL certificate. Any of you have tried certificates issued by other than Letsencrypt? Would you recommend that provider?

I have personally only used Let’s Encrypt. I see no reason to pay for a SSL certificate.

Before LE came along my organization used self-signed certs, but today’s internet won’t allow that.

Is there some reason that LE isn’t for you?

my setup seems to be having problems with the renewals. For two times I had to manually do it so I want to install one yearly and forget about it.

Which version of MiaB do you have installed and running?

Last version. I update everything as soon as it becomes available.

Fortunately, I have not had a similar problem. Have you reviewed the LE logs to see if there is anything helpful there?

Some time ago I had this problem and posted about it. Never managed to solve it.

Ahh, I vaguely remember that thread but I was away the week it happened so assumed at the end it was solved. Well, I guess it was for 3 months…

When is your next renewal date? I have a theory … and if you’d be willing, please PM me your domain name so I can check in to my theory.

I know that you probably just want to get a SSL cert and be done with it for a year … but wouldn’t you rather just fix it?

Yes I would definitely love to fix it. I have been using LE for my webservers with no problems!
Next renewal is in december.

Ok! I still would like to check your domain if you’d be willing to share. Also, if you still have the two emails you referred to in your other post (the ones that said the certs were not issued), could you PM me the dates of those two emails? And lastly, what day in Dec does the cert expire? :slight_smile:

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I agree that it would be better to fix LE, but if you really want a cert with longer validity, I’d recommend